New Job

Today was my last day working at my current employers. I’ve been there since May 2007 and had some enjoyable times with a group of people really worth working with, hopefully having made some good friends along the way. I’ve learnt a lot while here both with the corporate environment, being my first long-term employers, and a lot in terms of coding, having written everything from back end systems to the company’s web-sites.

After 5+ years though it was time to up-sticks and find myself a fresh challenge and it’s moving sub-counties in my beloved Yorkshire from South back to West. It was a hard decision to move on after so long, but I feel it’s the right one, and time for a change.

I start at my new employers in just over a week, giving me a nice relaxing week off in-between.

Here’s to the future, different challenges, and a load of new colleagues to get to know.

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